MyHairX - Luxury Human Hair Extensions

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St Louis, MO 63031

Welcome to a first-class, quality-driven source of what you value most:
your HAIR!

Settling for less when it comes to that ‘make or break’ beauty accessory is simply out of the question. Premium quality hair extensions are at the top of every woman’s list when it comes to looking and feeling her best. Nothing (nothing!) comes before hair!

Myhairx exists to provide women with an extraordinary, customized (successful!) experience suited specifically to [her],individual, desires. Getting there is easy! We allow customers to order the finest quality extensions in the widest assortment of lengths, colors and textures available anywhere. Our simplified sales model removes unnecessary transactions ~ allowing the customer to save money while not sacrificing quality.

We offer personal customization directly to you with over 30 colors (Ombre/Mermaid/Mixed, etc.); eight lengths (16”-30”); and, three texture assortments. Beyond that, you are able to order your extensions online and have them conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep! Personalized, easy and expedient service, never sacrificing quality!